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The Self-Care Path, LLC is Sarah’s private practice. She is a master’s level licensed clinical professional counselor who specializes in treating first responders. Sarah focuses her practice on treating trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, and other mental health concerns in adults. She is also an educator who provides presentations on psychology topics for various groups (both in-person and online).

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Meet Sarah A. Gura, M.A., L.C.P.C., EMDR, RYT-200

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I provide clinical treatments and support on your self-care journey. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation!

Sarah Gura – Therapist

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Top level and professional evidenced based treatment. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment.

Peace of Mind
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Sarah is pleased to offer counseling services online to Illinois residents. Telehealth is provided using HIPAA compliant software, or via: Phone, Facetime, or Zoom. Sarah will help determine if you are a candidate for Telehealth counseling services. Online classes about mental health topics are offered via Zoom and on the business Facebook page (link at the bottom of the webpage).

First Responders

Sarah has specialized in treating first responders since 2010. She has completed ride-alongs, trained with first responders, and treats first responder clients on a full-time basis. She is regularly teaching for various departments on shift, as well as other academies, fire service groups, and at events. She is passionate about creating a peer support culture, so first responder mental health is considered a necessity, a value, and a priority.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. To date, EMDR therapy has helped millions of people of all ages relieve many types of psychological stress. Please visit www.emdria.org for more information.

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